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Cigarette boxes are the backbone of the Cigarette industry that protect a product and encourage its promotion. Electronic cigarettes are highly sensitive and prone to damage by excessive physical knocking and temperature fluctuations. This is why several brands are in quest of innovative packaging designs that are perfect remedies against damage. These boxes are manufacture from top-notch materials enrich with customizable characteristics to form a fitting design per the packaging needs. Insertion of padding and custom inserts provide further strength to the packages to keep up the integrity of electronic cigarettes.

Cigarette Boxes: Prevent Tampering

Tempere cigarettes are rendered unfit for consumers. So, if you are not taking care of this issue, you might lose confidence, and your brand image will suffer. Cigarette boxes packaging is tamper-resistant, which helps you address the most common issue of consumers. It can include some tamper indications, such as labels that enable the target audience to see if the products are tampere with or not. Other indications could be in the form of breakaway closures, special prints or graphics, etc. These indicators would tell the target audience if any deliberate or unintentional tampering is made with the products.

Shield Against Physical Damage

Even if the cigarettes are seal properly, there is still a risk of them getting damaged. Physical knocking is a common phenomenon during transit that damages cigarettes due to shocks, bumps, and smashes. Custom Cigarette boxes are highly proficient at resisting such kinds of impact. They are lined with the best filler materials and cardboard-made partitions that brace delicate items during shipping. They are made from cardboard, a highly resilient material, and have the added advantage of increased tensile strength. Due to this strength, the packages are safer against creases, cuts, and tears.

Cigarette Boxes Resist Heat Effects

Cigarettes are most sensitive to fluctuating temperatures. Exposure to extreme cold or heat affects their taste which is not liked by the customers at all. Custom Cigarette boxes, made from corrugated cardboard, are essential for keeping the temperature effect in check. The corrugated cardboard consists of three layers, each of them having little air pockets in between themselves. These air pockets are great heat barriers that do not let the temperature change affect electronic cigarettes’ original posture.

Zero Moisture

The single factor that results in a higher degree of damage to electronic cigarettes is moisture. Including moisture in these products results in the hot steam that condenses the mouth of the users. The result is burning lips and tongues that can affect the customer retention strategy of a brand. Cigarette packaging proffers a fine way to keep moisture away from delicate vaping items. It is often line with reasonable PP and PE laminations that shield the packaged items from the dangerous effects of moisture.

Custom-printed e-liquid boxes are manufacture out of the best materials. They are durable and sturdy, which protects the components inside from all external damage. The material used is Kraft, corrugated stock, and cardboard paper. The eco-friendly oil packaging is safe for products and the environment.    

 They are not as dangerous as Smoking. They have fewer harmful effects than those of commonly used cigarettes. Custom cardboard boxes are print with the images and specifications, giving people a safe message about its precaution and usage. Their use does not cause smoking-related diseases such as cancers and heart diseases. 

Extend Shelf Life

Cigarettes or vapes tend to have a very short life. They need to be store in optimal conditions to be rendere fit for consumption over a long time. If you are not taking care to extend their life, your product sales may suffer, affecting your bottom line. The Cigarette packages ensure the provision of optimum conditions for these fragile items. They have a handle at the top that folds to form a locking system to protect the packaged items from dangerous effects.

The competition for electronic cigarettes or vapes is always growing with the higher demand in the market. Due to this, it is extremely challenging for the manufacturers to sustain their sales up to a standard level. But, Cigarette boxes can prove the best companion for them because of their potential to protect and promote the packaged items. They resist physical knocking, moisture, heat, and other damaging impacts to sustain the products’ original quality.

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