Everything to know about pawna lake-Best Trek for camping


Pawna Lake is largely a counterfeit lake carried into truth due to the Pawna dam (Pavana dam). Pawna dam is located on Pawna circulation in Maval taluka, around forty km from the strains of Pimpri Chinchwad city. Its cap potential is around 10 TMC. The backwaters of the Pawna Dam framed a delivery, and the Pawna Dam backwaters as a result got here to be referred to as Pawna Lake. 


 Topography of Pawna Lake 


 Pawna Lake`s topographical location within the Western Ghats makes it a feature trouble location for verdure. The essential motive behind the improvement of Pawna dam is hydroelectric electricity age and water delivery. Pawna hydroelectric challenge and Multipurpose Project are primarily based totally on Pawna dam with electricity age restrict of 1250 MW. 




 Mumbai to Pawna lake : 


 – By way of Dudhiware khind = one hundred and five km 

 By way of Kamshet = 122km 

 Mumbai to Lonavala to Kamshet to Pawna lake. 


 Pune to Pawna lake : 


 -By way of Kamshet = 65km

Pune – Pimpri Chinchwad – Kamshet – Pawna lake 

 -By way of Paud street = 45km

Pune – Paud – Kolvan – Jovan – Thakursai – Pawna lake 


 Things to do at Pawna Lake 


 Undertakings At Dudhiware Waterfall


Dudhiware cascade is an occasional monsoonic cascade and is located at Dudhiware metropolis, near Lonavala. This 2-degree cascade falls at the extent of approximately approx a hundred thirty five toes from a stone design. One can partake within the excellence of Dudhiware cascade and moreover rush of water rappelling, zip lining, valley crossing, and so forth. 


 Its streams are converting at some stage in the pinnacle rainstorm season. The major season for cascade rappelling is at some stage in the rainstorm. As of now the streams and waterways run complete and each one of the tiers channel water into cascades on the precipices. 


Setting up camp at Pawna lake


Pawna lake, in any other case known as Pawna Dam Reservoir. The delivery is 25 km from Lonavala and is gradually getting well-known as a time out and tenting location for visitors from Pune and Mumbai. This is one of the fast stops of the week tours and taken into consideration as one of the maximum great putting in place camps near Pune and Mumbai. Setting up camp is one such enjoyment wherein the spirit receives restored and loosened up in among the wonderful nature open within the whole season and for people of all age gatherings. Dozing beneath near the celebrities with a basic rating of crickets and a susceptible breeze packs the sluggishness out and fills it with new electricity. 


 Pawna lake putting in place camp is clearly widely recognized and attracts a ton of companies and younger groups. Tents are set across the outskirts of the lake and possible partake within the feasts and leisure at the waterfront. The base turns enthusiastic with unrecorded music, massive fire, video games and grill supper, reworking the night time into an excellent escape. 


 Paragliding at Pawna lake 


 A ought to visit goal to enjoy darlings, paragliding right here permits you to partake in a super journey over Pawna Dam. Besides, looking at the nightfall on the skyline as you fly like a kite, is undoubtedly an interesting encounter. Paragliding assists you with breaking the chains of gravity and clearing a course for the skies. It’s now no longer pretty much paragliding, it is the way in which you take a look at existence! 


 Journey as much as the Lohagad or Visapur


Lonavala or say Mawal is a fortune of incredible mountains and posts. Lohagad put up and Visapur stronghold are moreover located in Lonavala. It is one of the maximum extraordinary fortresses to go to at some stage in any season. Lohagad put up is related to Visapur stronghold which is also a respectable visiting area within the occasion in which you have the possibility and electricity to cowl each the fortifications on an unmarried day. 

 Visapur stronghold is greater and at a better top than its dual put up Lohagad. These are incredibly easy trips and, surprisingly, a fledgling vacationer should not have any issues. At Lohagad, there are simply advances and much less degree of touring is predicted even as adventure to Visapur put up a deal for the skilled lover in everybody. 


Tikona Fort Trek


Tikona, in any other case known as Vitandgad, is the most important slope put up in Mawal. It is 37.7 kilometres from Lonavala and is close to Kamshet. The 3500 feet excessive slope is pyramidal in form and the call Tikona signifies ‘Three-sided’. 

 The stronghold is a visiting goal cited for massive entryways, the sanctuary of ‘Trimbakeshwar Mahadev’, seven water tanks and Satvahan caves. There is a sanctuary inside the cavern that is the important appeal of the put up along the water reservoir. The segment to the access of the stronghold is a piece steep with bended steps. One can get the eye-getting views at the Pawna Dam and the fortifications at Visapur, Tung and Lohagad. Quickly, the view from the put up is terrific. 


 Best Time To Visit Pawna Lake 


 Because of its fascinating surroundings over time, Pawna Lake remains an underestimated number one to be visited every time you want to. A big part of Lonavala and encompassing areas are dry and plenty of water evaporates in summer, but this being a dam had water even in May. 


 Summers at Pawna lake are quick but enthusiastically sweltering and sticky. It encounters excessive mugginess at some stage in the summers with making a single mercury ascent of forty levels Celsius and as a result this season would possibly feel awkward for vacationers to go to the metropolis. The summers at Pawna Lake start from the duration of March and attain out until the end of April. The evenings, nonetheless, are agreeable and cool. The spot has a warmness and humidity and receives awesome precipitation at some stage in the year. 


 The wet months are surprising because the fields and glades flip hanging green, an excellent threat to revel in the eye-gratifying items of nature. 


 Winters invite the vacationers who might be attempting to find cool and adorable tours in Southern India. Winters are taken into consideration as a brilliant season to go to the metropolis wherein the evenings are cool and crisp with a mercury drop of thirteen levels Celsius and a best ascent of 30 levels Celsius. 



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