Even after configuring properly, many Netgear extender users facing issues with their devices. But, know that most Netgear extender issues can be fixed with a simple reboot. So, no matter whether you facing Netgear_ext connectivity issue or a slow internet speed problem, you can get them fixed by giving your extender a fresh start. Let’s know the steps.

The process of rebooting a Netgear extender needs only 5 minutes of your time. So, without any more delay, check the steps given in the article and learn how to reboot a Netgear extender.

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Steps to Reboot a Netgear Extender

The rebooting process must be followed properly if you want to fix certain issues with your Netgear extender. Here’s how to get the things done:

  • Turn off the power button of the wall socket to which your Netgear extender plugged in.

  • Once you find the power LED of your device has turned off, get the power adapter of the extender out of its wall socket.

  • Let the adapter without power for some time.

  • Now, disconnect the cable connecting your router and extender.

  • Once you feel that you have given enough time to the extender for reviving its performance, get the adapter installed back to its respective socket.

  • Turn on the Power button and allow the lights on your extender to turn green.

  • Again, connect the extender to the router with the help of a working cable and try accessing mywifiext web address.

  • If you can get access to the default address, it means your extender rebooted correctly.

Many Netgear extender users have reported that even after rebooting their devices they still facing slow internet issues. If the same your situation, then check the troubleshooting steps given below and make the most of your device.

Fix Netgear Extender Issues

Although rebooting can work most times, if still you facing issues with your Netgear_extender, try the following:

  1. Check Cable Connections

Perhaps, the cable connecting your Netgear extender and the access point not working fine or broken from some point.

So, we suggest you check all the cable connections and if anything fishy found, fix the same now by replacing the cable with a new one.

  1. Update Firmware

Have you ever updated the firmware of your extender since its purchase? No? Well, do it now!

Bringing firmware updates to your extender can fix certain issues. This informs you that firmware updates bring security patches and performance boost to your device. So, access the Netgear extender login page and check if any new firmware available for your Netgear extender.

  1. Keep WiFi Interference Away

Users may find issues with their Netgear extenders if the device placed near appliances emitting radio waves.

So, we suggest you keep your extender away from the reach of things like baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, walkie-talkies, microwave ovens, refrigerators, etc.

Things like mirrors, fish tanks, aluminum studs, and metal appliances can also halt the performance of your Netgear_extender. So, we suggest keeping such things at bay from both your extender and router.

  1. Check if the Device Installed Properly

Your device can also act up if not configured properly. In such a situation, you need to reset your Netgear WiFi range extender to the factory settings and then configure it again.

FYI, if you own a Windows device, then make use of mywifiext.net for making your extender up and running. However, if you have access to a MAC, the default web address to be used mywifiext.local. So, keep the same in mind while reconfiguring your extender.

That’s all for now! We have not only informed you about rebooting an extender but also how to get the best out of it in this write-up. Have you found the information useful? Share your feedback!

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