How Much Should I Spend On A Tennis Bracelet? – Best Guide

Wearing a tennis bracelet made of real diamonds is a prestigious thing for any woman. It is a perfect piece of jewelry for marriage, engagement, dinner, date, or family parties. The richness of a tennis bracelet is unmatchable and indefinable. You can get your tennis bracelet in any type of metal, design, and settings according to your need and comfort.

It is comfortable to wear a tennis bracelet on any hand while playing outdoor games or exercising. It also looks stylish while attending an office meeting or event. Well, it is always debated when it comes to the price of a tennis bracelet.

In this blog, we will discuss the price of tennis bracelets with real diamonds. We will also talk about how to find the best quality tennis bracelet and how many carats should a diamond tennis bracelet be.

Meaning of Tennis Bracelet

A tennis bracelet is a lightweight and thin bracelet with a line of colored gemstones or diamonds of the same size, cut, and color. It can be designed with the help of real diamonds or lab-made diamonds according to your budget. You can also get many designs and styles in a tennis bracelet.

This bracelet received its name from the bracelet of a well-known tennis player, Chris Evert. She lost her precious bracelet during the US Open of the year 1987. The player searched the bracelet everywhere which was captured on a camera. From this event, the bracelet is known to be a tennis bracelet.

Different Styles of a Tennis Bracelet

Different styles are available in a tennis bracelet such as:

1. Channel Setting

This setting has 2 rows of metal-containing diamonds in the middle part. It also improves the shine of the diamonds and makes them look more beautiful.

2. Prong Link Setting

Prong settings can be of various types such as two, three, or four-prong baskets. Metal prongs allow diamonds to shine from every angle. These baskets hold diamonds tightly.

3. Bezel and Half-Bezel Setting

The third type of setting in a tennis bracelet is a bezel or half-bezel setting. It has a circle mount or small bars on one side. These bars hold diamonds separately from one another in one place. Many people choose bezel and half-bezel settings when choosing a tennis bracelet.

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How Much Does a Tennis Bracelet Cost?

Now, we will talk about the price of a tennis bracelet. The cost of a tennis bracelet depends on many factors such as type of metal, kind of diamonds, cut, clarity and carat weight. Now, let us discuss these factors in detail in the below section:

Kind of metal

When it comes to designing a tennis bracelet, there are 4 popular types of metals used in making this bracelet. They include white gold, platinum, yellow gold, and rose gold. The rarest type of metal increases the cost of a bracelet. If you want to purchase the most expensive tennis bracelet, pick a platinum bracelet. The cost of an 8-carat platinum tennis bracelet is about $8500.

The price of 8 carats rose gold bracelet is about $7500. Even the bracelets made of white gold rose gold and yellow gold cost the same price. If you have a low budget, pick silver or white gold. These metals look exactly like platinum bracelets. They are also cheaper than platinum.

Number of Diamonds in A Bracelet

The number of diamonds in a tennis bracelet will decide the cost as well. If the carat weight in a bracelet is high, there are fewer diamonds in this bracelet. Many tennis bracelets are 7 inches in the size. But if you want a shorter bracelet, you can share your design with the jeweler. Shorter tennis bracelets will cost less.

Quality of Diamonds

The third important factor that determines the cost of a tennis bracelet is the quality of diamonds. If you want a tennis bracelet made of real diamonds, the cost will go up to $100,000. Well, you can also go for a cheaper option by choosing lower-quality diamonds. Bracelets with low-quality diamonds will cost around $1000 and even lower than that.

The cut of a diamond also determines the price of a tennis bracelet. Well-cut diamonds will increase the cost of a tennis bracelet as they sparkle more than cheaper diamonds.

Another factor is the clarity of diamonds. Real diamonds have no blemished or inclusions and cost more than lab-made diamonds. Diamond clarity is classified into different types such as flawless, internally flawless, very very slightly included, and so on.

The color of diamonds also determines the price of a tennis bracelet. Colorless diamonds have the highest price of all diamonds. Do not choose light-colored diamonds as they are of bad quality.

Carat Weight

The higher carat size of the diamonds has a higher price than other diamonds. If you have a low budget, pick a bigger carat diamond with a lower cut and color. You can pick a 5-carat gold diamond with S grade as it has a lower cost than other kinds of diamonds.

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Final Words About How Much Spend on Tennis Bracelet

The cost of a tennis bracelet starts from around $1000 and goes up to $100,000 and more. It depends on different factors and the budget of the buyer when choosing a tennis bracelet. You must look at every factor carefully before buying a tennis bracelet.

You can share the customized design of your bracelet with a jeweler and ask him about the price of the bracelet.

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