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In today’s competitive and competitive job market Finding a reliable and rewarding job can be difficult. Many students are aware that a bachelor’s degree in itself doesn’t guarantee them success in their corporate careers.


To enhance their qualifications to improve their credentials, students pursue higher education. They opt for postgraduate courses that include one of them being the Post Graduate Diploma in Management program as the most sought-after selection.


Students opt for a postgraduate certificate in management because of the many information they will gain from the comprehensive curriculum of the program. They learn the information that they need to know the way a company’s environment functions. Students are taught about practical aspects as well as textual information.


Through interactive seminars, workshops and debates, class sessions discussion, role-plays and guest lectures students receive practical advice. Students gain firsthand experiences with company processes within their area of work by utilizing practical knowledge as well as textual details.


Businesses and corporations are searching for individuals who have PGDM degrees because it shows the assurance that an individual is trained to work in a corporate setting.


The retail management courses that are taught after the 12th standard can be described in the following order:

  • Certificate Course (Retail Management) 6-month
  • Certificate in Retail Management – 1 year
  • B.Sc in Retail Management – 3 years
  • A Master’s degree in retail management 5 years
  • B.Sc. for fashion Merchandising in addition to Retail Management
  • M.Sc. for fashion Merchandising in addition to Retail Management


Many universities and colleges offer retail management courses by distance learning and online courses to help promote professionals in the workplace.


There are six modules in the course:

  • Front Office Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Merchandising Management
  • Shop Floor Management
  • Store Management



  • Merchandising
  • Marketing
  • Customer Relations
  • Mall Management
  • Operations
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Accounting
  • Buy
  • Pricing
  • Personnel
  • Business Mathematical
  • Strategy and Competitive Analyses
  • In order to enroll in UG programs, pupils take the 10+2 exam in any discipline.
  • Students enrolled in PG courses need to be eligible for the degree of a bachelor’s in a relevant field.


Retail Industry

The retail industry is among of the fastest growing and most challenging industries around the globe and is a major contributor to the development of the nation. Over the past couple of years, in the industry of retail the demand for highly skilled experts has increased. Retail management is a suitable job for those with an interest in products marketing and market selling, advertising, campaigning along with market research.

There are many job opportunities in this area, such as departmental stores as well as supply chains, advertising agencies supermarkets, etc. Retailing is a direct channel of communication with customers and coordinates the business operations. People who specialize in the field of retail management are referred to in the field of retail managers.

Retail Managers participate in finding solutions to problems, studying the inventory, monitoring the retail orders as well as merchandising, human resource and stock, etc. They can also work in manufacturing firms as a retailer manager in order to assist customers in navigating the merchandise. Retail managers are sought-after by other businesses like Insurance, Banking, Education, Healthcare and many more.

If you work in the field of retail you could be offered career opportunities at the bazaar, supermarkets and other large retail businesses. You could start working as sales executives, and achieve a promotion to manager of a store or mall manager after you’ve gained the expertise.

A lot of retail businesses from overseas are expanding in the Indian market, and you could be able to work in their midst. You could begin your career in the field of customer communications and sales, as well as supervisory the management of goods, as well as administrative support.


Certain jobs are found in the Retail Management sector:

  • Floor managers
  • Floor executives
  • Lobby managers
  • Sales managers
  • Marketing managers
  • Retail Manager
  • Supply Chain Distributor
  • Customer Care Executives
  • Marketing Executive
  • Merchandiser
  • Store Manager
  • Image Promoter


Basic eligibility

  • 12th pass or appeared (Graduation passing or appearing can also be a requirement)
  • Students who are in the 12th grade are also eligible to be admitted. But, the certificate will only be issued after passing the 12th standard.
  • Basic understanding about English and Hindi
  • being able to work in the service sector
  • Age: 17 years and over


The IAHR is an international association to conduct research and hydroenvironmental engineering.


It was established in 1935. It is an non-profit, global engineering organization that focuses on one particular area.

IAHR is announcing an online module for managing retail after having realized its significance in the realm of retail business. The module has been created to meet the needs of the workforce in the sector of Retail Management. This program will help you meet the technical and behavioural problems of the retail sector. The trainers will train you on the specifics of retail. They will also prepare you to tackle the e-retail universe.

You will be taught about Retail Consumer Behavior, Consumer Decision Making Process Retail Shop Management, Retail Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relation Management (CRM) and E- Retail etc. In addition you will also learn about different retail formats as well as emerging trends within the retail industry.


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