Versatile Eyeliners Packaging Ideas for Every Kind of Eyeliner

Eyeliners enhance the look of eyes by giving them an edgy shape and appearance. Eye makeup is incomplete without eyeliners. Eyeliners, just like other makeup items, have updated with time. When you think about eyeliners, you are usually limited to only black color. But, these eyeliners are currently available in many colors. Only one specific packaging is not suitable for every eyeliner. Cosmetic companies make and supply eyeliners all over the world. These companies deliver eyeliners in unique packaging boxes. Therefore, there are diverse eyeliner packaging options to choose from.


Add Perfection to Eyeliner Packaging

Cosmetic manufacturers introduce many kinds of eyeliners to the makeup world. They cannot choose simple packaging to distinguish each eyeliner. Unique and perfect packaging is a requirement of every eyeliner. Attaining perfection in the packaging is difficult but not impossible. Various techniques modify Custom Eyeliner Boxes to the next level. Some of these techniques include:

Embossing technique: it gives a raised and prominent appearance to the packaging. One can apply embossing on the brand logo to highlight it.

Printing and coloring: these techniques add prints or colors to the packaging using CMYK and PMS color models. Add funky and shiny colors, if you want to make an impression on teenagers. Or add dusky colors to attract adults. But, t does not matter what colors you choose. The only thing that matters is the quality of the colors as well as the packaging box.

Coatings techniques: add coatings like matte, glossy, and UV spots to give dusky, shiny, or protective finishing to the packaging.

Eyeliner Boxes

Choose Alluring Packaging for Gel Eyeliners

Enticing packaging is crucial for every eyeliner including gel eyeliners. One perk of custom packaging is that it can give a feel of the products inside. For example, if you have added gel eyeliners to your makeup business, then you can add gel-related images, graphics, and prints on the custom eyeliner boxes. Additionally, Mention the category of your eyeliner together with its features. It will help your buyers understand and distinguish different eyeliners. You can get these boxes in any shape per your specifications.


Rigid Packaging for Liquid Eyeliner

The safety of liquid eyeliners is necessary because even little shaking can cause leakage. To solve this problem, utilize rigid cardboard packaging as it is sturdy enough to prevent crushing and leakage. Furthermore, one can add an insert inside the eyeliner packaging. This insert will hold the liquid eyeliner bottle in place and also prevent it from collapsing with the walls of the packaging. Cosmetic products are expensive. They are made with careful precautions. Therefore, don’t compromise especially when it comes to the safety of makeup products. Choose reliable packaging materials which are:

  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Bux board
  • Cardstock
  • Eco-friendly Kraft

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Tuck End Eyeliner Packaging

For crayon eyeliner, tuck end packaging with a window cut is very suitable. It carries the eyeliner straight, preventing it from falling. Moreover, one can add a hanging tab on the top of this packaging to hang it in the store. Or, add a window cut on the eyeliner box. In this way, the eyeliner will stay in place in addition to giving a glance to customers. These kinds of boxes are beneficial to sellers as well as clients. The seller can hang these boxes anywhere they want, and customers can take a look at eyeliners in seconds.


Packaging Kit for Colorful Eyeliners

Have you seen the stationary pencil colors box where many colors are placed in a box? You can utilize this kind of packaging box for colorful pencil eyeliners and also for other eyeliners.

Or you can have a two-piece box with many inserts to hold multiple eyeliners. But, you need to make changes to make this box to make it worthy enough to carry eyeliners and attract customers. For example, you can add vibrant colors, prints, and laminations on the packaging to convince buyers. Furthermore, choose sturdy packaging material for the protection of eyeliner pencils. You can place many eyeliners in a single box and serve your customers with a combo deal.

Eyeliner Boxes

Eyeliner Display Boxes

Eyeliners are high in demand and many cosmetic brands provide high-quality eyeliners. It means there is competition in the eyeliner business. However, you can beat this competition. All you need is a custom display box for your eyeliners. You can place this box on the shelves and counters of different cosmetic retail stores. In this way, people can have a glance of your eyeliners. These boxes have inserts to hold many eyeliners upright. Moreover, you can display matte as well as glitter eyeliners in these boxes. Print splashy colors and add alluring graphics to these display boxes to grab the maximum attention of eyeliner lovers.


Marketing with Custom Eyeliner Boxes

Now a day, digital marketing is trending, and cosmetic brands promote their makeup products on different sites like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and also on many other internet sites. Many social media influencers promote makeup products by reviewing products of different makeup brands. The first thing they review is the name of your brand as well as the quality of the packaging. Therefore, utilize high-quality and professionally printed eyeliner packaging boxes having your brand name, logo, and contact details for effective promotion. Branded packaging gives a positive vibe to the audience and increases the number of customers.

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