Web and Mobile Survery Interpretation For Dissertation – 10 Tips

There are so many challenges researchers face while doing online survey interpretation for dissertations. Researchers usually collect a high response rate and trustworthy responses for effective results. Many people get bored with online surveys and give fake responses. That is why you need proper tips to follow. This article will give you the ten best tips for web and mobile survey interpretation for a dissertation.

Define The Purpose Of The Survey:

You need to clearly define all your goals for your web and mobile survey. Unclear goals lead to an unclear interpretation of the dissertation. You do not want to end up with several results that give no value. It is important that you make sure that you have focused objectives in your survey. Spend some time asking questions such as:

  • The goals of your survey
  • Reason for making it
  • Things you want to achieve
  • The method you will use to interpret your data

Keep The Survey Short And Focused:

You need to make your dissertation focused and short. It is because a focused online survey needs to get quantity and quality responses. Thus, it is important to make a survey focusing on only one objective instead of multiple goals. Short surveys are better for survey interpretation for dissertations because they have high rates of responses. People want to do things which are easy and quick. Once a person loses interest in an online survey, he will simply abandon the whole survey. In this way, it will become very difficult for you to interpret the data.

It is important for you to ensure that your survey questions are specific enough to meet the required goal. You should use direct questions which can give informative data required to achieve your goals. To ensure that your web and mobile survey is short, note the time of a few individuals taking the survey first. Studies show that a good survey only takes five or fewer minutes to complete. You can take dissertation help to make your survey shorter and more effective.

Keep Your Questions Simple:

It is important to make sure that your survey questions are to the point. You should not use any jargon related to your subject so that common people can understand your questions. You should not assume that survey takers understand the complicated words related to your research field. There might be some common people taking your surveys and you need to make things easy for them to get the best response. Therefore, you should try to make your survey questions as direct and clear as possible. For instance, instead of writing “how was your experience with our management team? “. You can write, “Are you satisfied with our management team? “

Use Closed-Ended Question In Your Online Survey:

For better survey interpretation for the dissertation, you should use closed-ended questions in your web and mobile survey whenever possible. Closed-ended questions will give your respondents specific options. In this way, analyzing the data from the survey will become very easy for you. You will get simple answers from closed-ended questions such as rating scale, multiple choice or yes/no. These questions will also allow the respondents to answer questions in their own ways. On the other hand, open-ended questions are great to get detailed information. They can give you useful qualitative insights and information. Nonetheless, for analysis, it is preferred to use closed-ended questions in online surveys.

Keep Rating Scale Consistent:

Another tip for the online interpretation of dissertations is to keep the rating scale consistent during the survey. Rating scales are an excellent way to compare and measure the variables. If you are using rating scales from one to five, you need to keep it the same in the survey. You need to use the same amount of points on the scale and ensure the meanings of low and high stay throughout the online survey. To make your analysis easy, you should use the odd number in the rating scales. By changing the rating scales in the survey, it will be difficult for you to interpret the findings, and it will also confuse the respondents.

Logical Ordering:

It is important for you to ensure that the flow of your online survey has proper order for interpretation for the dissertation. You need to start with a small introduction to encourage the respondents to take the web and mobile survey. For instance, you can write how this survey will benefit the respondents or the general community. It will be good if you first ask broad questions in your survey and then move to more specific questions. You should also collect demographic data from the respondents. Try not to ask any sensitive questions at the start.

Pre–Test Your Survey:

The next thing is to ensure that you test your survey few people from the target audience. You can ask your friends or co-workers to get an idea of how they will respond. This will prepare you for unexpected questions.

Consider Your Target Audience:

While doing interpretation for a dissertation, you need to keep your target audience. You should select the proper time to get responses. Studies show highest rates of clicks usually take place on Sunday, Monday and Friday. It is also important to keep your target audience in mind. For example, if you are reviewing a beauty product, then you should target women.

Send Them Reminders:

It is important that you send several reminders to responders who have not filled out surveys yet. This can highly improve the response rates.

Consider Offering An Incentive:

Survey interpretation for the dissertation can also be improved if you offer incentives to the respondents. It can improve the response rates and give you valuable information. Studies show that people usually want to get something from their time.


With the help of the above guide, you can easily do the online web and mobile survey interpretation for the dissertation. Try to make sure that your questions are specific and fun. You need to target the right audience for your dissertation to get effective results.

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