Playing Online Games And Their Addictive Features.

Online games are growing rapidly for time immemorial. Today we have myriads of them that are even hard to name. People keep on searching for things like which games are cross-platform and which are not. Like we have questions that include is the forest cross platform ps4 and pc, madden 22 cross-platform, etc. The trend of online games is so vigorous that people are ready to spend their major earnings. But today we will talk about how these games are having addictive features in them. The way by which players can become addicted to the games after playing for a short time.

Top features of video games that leave people addicted to them

Check a list of features here which makes online games player addicted to the game. You can take good lessons from them to stay in moderation to play these games.

1. An emotional connection with the Game and its characters

One of the most addictive features that online games have is connecting players on an emotional level. They feel very much connected to the game atmosphere like a second home. A game character becomes their real friends and enemies and gives a feeling of the real world. This leads to more attachment to the game and users spend extra time playing. This is one of the major addictive features in almost every online video game people play.

2. Giving a heroic feel to the player winning the game

When a player wins the game online he feels hero. The game is designed in such a way that the winner feels very special after scoring well. When he defeats a character in the game he clinches his victory like a hero. Those who are disgusted with the unfavorable environment at home find themselves comfortable playing the game. The negative decorum of work or home is easy to forget by playing the online game by people. This is another reason why we can say online games are addictive in nature.

3. They help to escape from real problems in life

Today almost reach one of us is disillusioned and unhappy with life. As a result of which escapism is the key to getting out of these problems. These online games give a better opportunity for people to try escapism. They spend their entire time of leisure playing games only. As a result of which the tensions and pressure of difficult times get reduced as stress in their mind. In the longer run, this escapism becomes a habit and the person becomes addicted to playing games even in positive situations. This is again a more point to add why online games are addictive in nature for people.

4. Nobody makes a person feel bad on the gaming platform

In our day-to-day life, many people belittle us and make us feel low. As a result of which many of us do not feel good about the world. But on the gaming platforms, nobody is going to mock us and enjoy making fun. This is the cause why people tend to spend extra time on gaming platforms. This results in addiction in the longer run. That is why we can see many examples where people spend days playing games. Online games are cheap and thus do not cost must. This is the benefit people reap to stay away from negative scenarios. As a result of which they get trapped in addiction to these games.

5. Interesting features and curiosity about next-level tasks create addiction

The final cause of addiction to these online games is their interesting features. The games always surprise players with what is there on the next level. As a result of which players try to reach the next level by putting their heart and soul. They get consumed in the game to a depth that they become addicted to the game. This is another feature that online games comprise to make a player addicted to the game.

So if you are also fond of online video games it is better to play them at optimum volume. Excess use of video or online games can be harmful to you in the longer run. It not only affects your eyes, motor skills, and mental health but overall well-being also. This is the duty of every parent to keep their kids away from the addiction to video games. Online games are available everywhere easily these days. So there are high chances of getting addicted for kids at this age. So you must supervise your kids as well as your own addiction to these games. Playing them in optimum proportion is always good and fine. But addiction is too dangerous as it reduces your work efficiency and makes you unhealthy on a mental scale also. Depression and anxiety are other drawbacks of online games when they are accessed in an addictive form.

By Alvina Martino

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