Writing My Essay – Debunk 6 Myths Before You Start

There is various misconception about writing, people often have wrong ideas about how to write. People often think that these myths are universal truths, but if there is one thing that is universal, it’s the damage they do to your commitment and creativity, which is what puts your ideas on the blank page in front of you. Such lies can be discouraging because they might stop you from following your dream of becoming a successful writer. So, here are some myths shared by professionals that need to be debunked before 2023. You can also ask for writing my essay help from these experts. 

6 Myths That Need To be Debunked Before Writing My Essay 

Here we are going to share 6 mindless myths and the way to debunk them. But if this information isn’t enough, you can ask a professional for writing my essay outline and then make a careful choice. 

  • Need Fancy Words While Writing My Essay.

The first and most common writing myth is that to write well, you need a big vocabulary and fancy words. This is not true. This can sometimes make it harder for you to write. Why? Because some readers get lost in flowery language and can’t understand what’s going on. But choosing words that make a point in your story is still very important. Some fancy words can make your writing more interesting, as long as they don’t take over the whole piece.

  • You Shouldn’t Do Personal Storytelling

There is no one rule about whether you should use first-person or third-person narration. First-person narration is a great style for many reasons most of the time. First, it makes the character and the reader feel close to each other and helps you get into a character’s head. So, if you want your story to feel really close to the reader, try writing from a personal point of view.

Also, writers often have to write in the passive voice when they don’t want to say “I” or “we.” But because the passive voice leaves out the active subject, which makes it hard to tell who did the action, it often makes readers confused. Also, passive voice often adds to the number of words, so if you need to cut down on words for an academic article, look for places where you can get rid of them. 

Still, not so confident to write my essay for me, no worries, you can ask for help writing my essay from a professional.

  • Plan Before You Start.

Some people like to make an outline first, while others hate it, and some people like to do both. When asked which one is better, there is no right answer. You should find the right answer on your own. Some people find that outlining help, but other people don’t Outline has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s have a look at some examples of these, shall we? 


Not getting lost: If you make an outline before you start writing, you’ll always know what to write. You know how the paper will go when you write with a sense of flow. There are no chapters or scenes that are messy and hard to follow.


Outlining at the beginning of writing my essay can stop you from coming up with creative ideas. So, if a writer wants to write a mysterious and exciting story, it’s not fun to plan it before you start

  • Your Conclusion Should Summarize Your Essay.

After the reader has finished reading, he or she needs to know why all of your research is important. A conclusion is not a summary of your ideas or a restatement of your thesis. Instead, it is a list of the most important points. A good conclusion will tie together your main points so that your reader can use the information in your academic writing. Most college essays only need one well-written paragraph. For long and complicated works, though, it would help if you left the reader with a strong ending.

  • You Must Have Exceptional Grammar Skills

To be a good writer, you need to know more than just how to use correct grammar and punctuation. Of course, it helps to know a little bit about grammar, but the most important part of great writing is getting ideas across, making strong arguments, or sharing all the research.

One of the most common writing myths is those good writers must have great grammar skills. You will also be a good writer if you can come up with unique ideas and understand complicated ideas. But if you have trouble with grammar or punctuation, it’s best to use write my essay for me help. Their high-quality service is always available to help you.

  • Authors are born, not made.

One of the most common myths is those good writers are born with a talent for writing. Anyone can get better at writing and become a good writer, but it doesn’t happen overnight. Even the best writers had to start somewhere before they became famous.

Summing Up with Help for Writing My Essay 

We busted the top writing myths that can make new writers lose interest in writing. There are many more myths, but you shouldn’t believe them. If you really love and enjoy writing, you can make something valuable. However, if looking for professional help then connect with us and ask for writing my essay. We are here to help you out.

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