4 Popular Types of Paper Grade for Gable Boxes Packaging

When designing packages, there are many things that one needs to know. The game is not all about the design or the printing of the boxes. These two come later into the making of gable boxes. What comes before them is the material of manufacturing. The type of paper grade used in the construction makes an actual difference. But not all are ideal for making gable containers. Only the four most famous types of paper grades are used in construction. These are best due for plenty of reasons. You will find detailed information about them below.

Clay Coated News Backboard (CCNB) – Most Popular for Gable Boxes

The first and most popular material for gable boxes is called Clay Coated News Backboard (CCNB). This material is manufactured from recycled newspapers, a blend of many other paper types, and old corrugated boxes. The reason why this is the most popular type of packaging material is that it is a highly cost-effective option. This type of packaging does not punch a hole through the wallet; it is cheap. This is why it is the best choice for small businesses.
Moreover, it shows colours without affecting their vibrancy, making it the best choice for printing. However, along with benefits, there are certain drawbacks too to this type of material. The first disadvantage is that it is not repellent to water. Therefore, the boxes made from this material tend to absorb water. So, they are not ideal for the products that must be kept safe from moisture. This drawback alone makes this material unsuitable for a wide range of products. It is only best for dry items.

Folding Box Board (FBB)

The second most popular choice of businesses is Folding Box Board. This is one of the stiffest types of paper grade used in construction. This type of package does only come with cardboard construction. But many other materials and procedures are also present in the making. The design of the structure of this material consists of many chemical and mechanical processes. The material is quite thick, and as the procedure also involves the usage of bleach, the end product has the properties of bleach.

Due to this reason alone, this material is ideal for printing and designing. The colours and designs look way too stunning on it. The top layer is the perfect canvas for high-grade colours and prints, thanks to the presence of bleach. The result is vivid and bright. This is why this material is best for packaging cosmetics and food products. Beauty essential items often come inside custom gable boxes with vivid and bright prints.

Moreover, the stiff nature of the material brings strength and durability to the table. Therefore, the packages manufactured from it are highly tough and sturdy. So, they are ideal for delicate beauty essential products and edible items.

Solid Bleached Sulfate Board (SBS)

Solid Bleaches Sulfate Board is the third most popular and loved option for paper grades. This packaging is the epitome of quality. As its manufacturing procedure is unique and delivers a fantastic result, many businesses prefer it. This is the most used type of paper grade for making large gable boxes. The materials used in making this type of packaging are first treated with chemicals. Then it turns into a pulp and undergoes the treatment of bleach. The initial chemical treatment and the usage of bleach bring unique qualities to this material. This material possesses a white surface on both sides. Therefore, the customer can print inside and outside the package.
Moreover, due to the chemical treatment, this paper grade’s surface takes on prints amazingly. This material is ideal for many coating and finishing techniques as it has a tolerance. Due to the strength of the material, it is suitable for various types of products. The manufacturers can add a food item, as well as delicate glass products, in it as well. Its usage is even relatively common in the tobacco industry. All of this is possible due to its fantastic nature.

Natural Kraft (SUS) – Eco-Friendly Gable Boxes

Natural Kraft is the fourth and last most popular type of paper-grade material. Another name for this type is Coated Unbleached Kraft or Solid Unbleached Sulphate. This is the type of packaging that many businesses are now leaning towards. The sole reason behind its popularity is its eco-friendly nature. This type of material comes with the construction of recycled materials only. There is no involvement of chemical treatments or bleach in its manufacturing. Due to this, the nature of the material is quite bio-degradable. It does not threaten the environment, so brands are using it more and more. This type of material is present in the making of custom gable boxes for food products. Such packaging is also ideal for many beauty essential products. Manufacturers add a layer of kaolin clay to enhance the printing quality of the material, making it perfect.

When you are in the packaging business, it is critical to know about the type of different materials for gable boxes. There are a ton of various types of paper grades, but only a handful of them are the best. The 4 most amazing ones are present in this article. Their use will prove beneficial for your business. They help you in creating the best packaging solution.

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