Kamshet is an incredible place where you can spend the next few days. If you live close to Pune or within Pune for them , it can be an unforgettable and exciting adventure for them each weekend. Because it’s not just about exploring the western ghats, but also provides thrilling adventure sports such as paragliding ! !


It’s also near Mumbai With just 2-5 hours of driving time. One is able to visit the place and enjoy the stunning beauty of the western Ghats. In addition to being beautiful and offering an idyllic scene, Kamshet is famous for paragliding. Visitors come from all corners of the country to enjoy the adrenaline rush of paragliding. Who wouldn’t love to take in the breathtaking aerial views of magnificent mountains, and the lush green beauty of the western Ghats? Therefore, paragliding isn’t only an exciting thriller but is also an incredible opportunity to experience the beauty of the western Ghats from a higher point of perspective. What better way to see it than flying over it? !!!! It’s like it.


As you approach the kamshet , you will observe a large number of paragliders in the skies enjoying their excitement. Many are skilled, while others are novices, but everyone is enjoying their time out. It is necessary to go near the hotel rangoli from where it is easy to get away to the place in which bird flies, or planes fly. By that I’m referring to people in gliders that fly to heights so high you’ll be stunned by their. Above you the paragliders are scattered everywhere they go, making you awestruck. So backpack your next adventure to kamshet next weekend.


In essence, there are three kinds of paragliding thrills you can enjoy.

  • Classic tandem paragliding
  • Instructional tandem paragliding
  • Acro tandem paragliding

  • Classic tandem paragliding


This is the ideal alternative for beginners, and you will have the chance to experience your first paragliding experience by taking a two-seater pleasure flight with a skilled pilot. In order to take advantage of this adventure it is essential to master basic skills that are taught by the pilot. The pilot will be your guide throughout the entire session.


The ideal weight for a body type maximum is 95kgs. anyone who is heavier than this are not able to participate in the adventure. Although it is feasible for a small number of people based on the good health one has , and also the speed of wind during the time of kamshet.


Instructional tandem paragliding


This is only for those who have previous experience with paragliding, as it was designed to those who have an excellent grip and have previous experience with the basics of tandem paragliding. Since you’ll have to operate on your own , handling the glider by yourself. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be on your own with the glider, but an instructor will be on hand for the two-seater flight. It’s only for experienced pilots and you must be able to manage the glider, the instructors will help you in the operation and take full control on the tandem.


Get ready to experience this adrenaline-pumping ride over the skies. And be amazed by the beauty of the western Ghat, with clouds and heights of satisfaction. The limit on body weight will be 95, based on your health issues.


Acro tandem paragliding


This is also for paragliders who are extremely professional, which offers you an array of adrenaline, excitement and awe. While it’s more thrilling, it isn’t the case that you’ll be doing this on your own. However, you’ll be accompanied by an experienced Acro pilot and an experienced pilot. Both will lead you on this thrilling journey over the mountains and lush landscapes.


You are able to experience the beauty of the western ghat. And as well as the stunning view that lies below like an eagle flying over your own territory.


Joy tandem paragliding


This paragliding activity is designed an ideal choice for adventurers. Those who wish to take off and fly above landscapes and mountains all by themselves. Thus, feeling like an eagle and witnessing the beauty of the western ghats is the ultimate dream of many!! Although it’s a ride lasting between 8-10 minutes, it provides the rider a thrilling adventure of flying over mountains.


Anyone can experience paragliding activity, even though the maximum body weight is also 95 based on the health condition.




It is however recommended to stay clear of these activities. In case you suffer from severe health issues like heart disease or asthma, or any other serious illness. If you’re scared of heights, or have an acrophobia-like fear or any other phobia, then it’s advised not to attempt paragliding.


Get ready for your next trip to kamshet to try one of these paragliding options that make you feel as if you’re flying in the air like a bird over western ghats.


By Alvina Martino

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